Simple, Versatile Baked Apples

  The old saying should be, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and tastes great!” Apples are a healthy and delicious food that can be eaten as is or cooked to sweet or savory perfection. Unfortunately, cooking apples can be tedious with the coring and baking in water to avoid burning. But that’s […]

Aging Has Come of Age   The last Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model was 81-year-old Martha Stewart. Some of the most grueling, best attended concert tours this year belong to Paul McCartney (81), The Rolling Stones (Mick is 80), and Bruce Springsteen (73). Warren Buffet is still a, if not the, most sought after financial advisor at age […]

Flying High   John Hartness has been flying high since he was 16 years old. So, it’s no wonder that he took to the sky to celebrate his 100th birthday. According to John, there wasn’t a single thing he’d rather be doing. That’s particularly surprising when you consider that John frequents the Triple Tree Aerodrome […]

Overfed But Undernourished   You’re eating a plant-based diet to maximize your health and protect the planet. But the reality is, grandma and grandpa were much healthier when they were your age than you are today. A major reason is our food supply isn’t as nutrient dense as it used to be. But we’re not talking […]

Inherently Good   Inherently Good The imagination is a powerful force of life. Great men and women of the past have always held their wonderful, human imagination to be the source of their achievements and accomplishments. From great works of art, literature, sculpture, and architecture all the way to the success of civilization— all is born out […]

Colette’s Secrets   Colette Maze is a 109-year-old French pianist. Not was, is. She plays passionately and well, and Debussy no less. Debussy is known as a particularly difficult composer to play, but not for Colette. How she’s been playing so well for so long is just one of Colette’s secrets. Lucky for us, she’s […]

Meat-Lovers Barbecue Jackfruit

It looks like pulled pork, but does it taste like it? This jackfruit recipe is such a tasty alternative, even the meat-lovers in your life will ask to give it a try – and love it! The shredded texture and way it soaks up the barbecue sauce make Meat-Lovers Barbecue Jackfruit a delicious alternative in […]

No Regrets?   No regrets has become a mantra for many. There are t-shirts, emojis, the ever popular tattoos, and many, many songs that reference living a life of no regrets. But is living a life of no regrets the healthiest way to go? Should it be part of your 100 Year Lifestyle? Defined The […]

Your Healthy Longevity Makes You an Activist Whether you realize it or not, maintaining your healthy longevity makes you an activist. It makes you a force to be reckoned with. The government must take your political clout and voting power into account on every issue. Business – big or small – must recognize your wants, needs, and purchasing power. Even […]

Couldn’t Stay Retired   Jayne Burns tried, but she just couldn’t stay retired. This past accountant has been working as a fabric cutter for the last 26 years at a store 20 miles from her home. She drives herself to her shift four days a week. Her 20-something colleagues love her and have made her a […]