Chiropractic Care FAQ's

During your new patient appointment we will:

  • Perform an Insight Subluxation Autonomic Nervous System Scan. This scan will show segmental heat differences along your spine. Your Autonomic Nervous System regulates function of your cells, tissues and organs and can often be a strong indicator of underlying dysfunction in your body. What you feel (the sensory portion of your nervous system) is responsible for approximately 10% of nerve flow out from the spine. The Motor side is approximately 45% and the Autonomic side makes up the other 45% of the Central Nervous System. We monitor the Autonomic System regularly while you are under care. 
  • We will do a thorough examination and history. 
  • We will take all the appropriate digital X-Rays
  • and, we will provide you with a detailed report of findings.
  • In the report of findings, we will explain what all of the gathered data from the initial new patient appointment means and create an individualized plan of treatment that may include other modalities like: Matrix to initially help with pain relief, SoftWave that will decrease inflammation and pain, activate your own stem cells to grow new connective tissue and blood vessels, Decompression which will un-herniate and un-bulge spinal discs, or Class 4 Lase which will decrease inflammation and help in cellular repair. 

A healthy structure, spine and nervous system are essential to a healthy life. This is true for every person regardless of their age. 

The care we provide will help you maximize your ability to heal from an injury, pain or health problem, identify conditions you may not feel yet, and achieve optimum health and peak performance levels.

Many people utilize chiropractic care because of some type of crisis, and many others utilize chiropractic care as a core part of living a healthier lifestyle.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible who are experiencing  a health crisis to heal quickly, stabilize their health, and transition to lifestyle care. It’s exciting to see people get off the roller coaster and begin to embrace their longevity potential.

Absolutely! Our youngest patients are newborn babies and we check children through every stage of growth to ensure the healthy development of their spine and nervous system.

The birth process can be very traumatic. Children fall countless times a day, are being harmed by technology, and are bombarded by excessive physical, chemical and emotional stress.

Chiropractic care is safe, gentile, and can correct problems before they become chronic to help children grow healthy, straight and strong.