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We heal injuries and relieve pain with innovative, noninvasive stem cell therapy called SoftWave or Soft Wave therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Alan Nathans offers Soft Wave or SoftWave therapy to help heal and relieve pain with an innovative, non-invasive, no-needle procedure called Stem Cell Therapy. This advanced treatment procedure uses Hydro-Electric, non-invasive, no-needle, shock waves, part of advanced Hydro-Electric spark gas technology. The patented Stem Cell Machine features a safe and effective parabolic reflector wave over a wide area to:

  • Trigger your brain to begin activating the body’s natural ability to heal using no anesthesia or numbing agents to the area
  • Encourage damaged or injured tissue to heal and grow
  • Increase blood directly to injured tissue
  • Modulate or reduce inflammation
  • Treat the root cause of the injured area to begin natural healing by stimulating and regenerating the body’s stem cells
  • Repair, remodel and regenerate damaged or injured tissues and strengthen the body’s muscles, tendons, and soft tissue to help fight off future injuries and illnesses by increasing blood flow and bringing oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the injured area to boost healing
  • Give patients a shorter treatment time with long-lasting effects such as Improved function and range of motion by reducing nagging acute and chronic pain

SoftWave®  91% EFFECTIVE

NO injections • NO pills • NO surgery

FDA 501(k) Clearance

The SoftWave is a safe, effective solution – and drug-free!

We find and address the root cause of your pain, and then begin to repair damaged tissues that cause pain. The SoftWave procedure promotes healing while reducing crisis and chronic pain with your own body’s natural healing abilities. SoftWave is a clinically proven regenerative medicine treatment. As seen on the nationally popular “The Doctors” show, this drug-free treatment effectively increases stem cells and grows new blood vessels. The treatment process: Involves NO complex surgery, medications, or anesthesia. 

  • Only takes 10–15 minutes or longer (depending on the diagnosis and size of the affected area) and may take 3–5 treatments one week apart, takes less than one hour to complete the procedure 
  • Involves a gel applied to the surface to be treated followed by The Stem Cell Machine’s applicator 
  • Uses a non-invasive (no-needle), hand-held, high-tech instrument placed gently on your skin at the source of the pain (old or new injury – where degeneration is occurring), which delivers hydro-electric, low-intensity sound wave or soft waves, a safe and effective pain management solution allowing you to heal and recover fully be where an older or new injury has occurred or where degeneration is occurring
  • Allows Dr. Nathans and the patient to converse about how it feels, identify more closely the treatment areas, and monitor the progress of each treatment
  • Delivers no side effects during or after the procedure
  • Produces long-lasting results
  • Covers a wide area: 7cm x 12cm


Most importantly, the FDA has cleared our SoftWave 510(k) to:

  • Activate connective tissue
  • Treat a chronic diabetic foot, acute second-degree burns, and improve blood supply

SoftWave (non-invasive, no-needle) vs. Stem Cell Injections

SoftWave is non-invasive; there are no needle injections into your body. Dr. Nathans uses the patented, FDA-approved SoftWave Stem Cell Machine to deliver  high velocity, low-energy shock waves – like a lithotripsy procedure – through the skin and into muscle all the way into joint activating and recruiting stem cells, but without pain. The traditional invasive method, not used by Dr. Nathans, injects stem cells gathered from another part of your body or harvested from outside sources like the umbilical cord of a newborn fetus and then injects these cells back into your joint. Plus:

  • SoftWave is significantly less expensive than “harvesting” your body’s stem cells to inject them elsewhere

The “harvesting” of stem cells is very controversial.

This procedure is ethically not in agreement with our Mission.

  • SoftWave is cost-effective and typically costs around $1k per joint vs. the more invasive injected option of stem cell therapy, which typically costs $5k-$10k per joint
  • SoftWave therapy increases cell recruitment within 24 hours of the first treatment, and the patient can go right back to their normal activities of daily living 
  • SoftWave therapy is an excellent choice for acute and chronic soft tissue wound care, especially for advanced care related to diabetic wound treatments for foot or necrotic ulcerated wounds 

Get Back Your Quality Of Life

Chronic pain can severely limit your ability to enjoy life. Regenerative medicine can improve function and increase the quality of life. Since it’s a non-invasive, no-needle treatment, you can avoid conventional methods, such as:

  • Complicated, time-consuming, and often expensive surgeries by orthopedists, neurologists, and pain management physicians
  • Cortisone injections or nerve ablations (often unsuccessful)
  • Use of often dangerous medications

You may be a candidate for this safe and efficient therapy if you:

SUFFER from chronic joint pain
Patients often see an immediate benefit from regenerative therapies.

WORRY about the risks of surgery
It is a safe and effective way to alleviate or manage pain and the worry about losing muscle mass, range of motion, or surgical complications.

WANT immediate and long-lasting pain relief
Sometimes patients feel the results from an initial treatment immediately. Sometimes, it takes more treatments – your body will guide us. The key is to get you back to living your life without pain!

Pick your own time or request one that works for you!

Prepay at to get the reduced price of $49 for first appointment

Think about it – why have unnecessary surgery if your body can be activated to heal itself?

– Dr. Alan Nathans


The results of SoftWave Therapy are receiving a lot of attention…

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