Dr. Alan Nathans provides SoftWave Therapy - An option to high priced Stem Cell Injections and serving the Jacksonville, FL community

Dr. Alan Nathans offers SoftWave therapy-an affordable option to stem cell injection therapy. SoftWave is an 510K FDA cleared medical device that is patented to grow new blood vessels and for the activation of connective tissue. It helps to relieve pain and heal painful joints and areas in the spine with an innovative, non-invasive, no-needle procedure. This advanced treatment procedure creates a Hydro-Electric Shockwave that produces light, heat and soundwaves to activate the brains healing power.

This patented 510K Cleared medical device:

  • activates your body’s own resident stem cells
  • recruits your body’s own resident stem cells
  • eliminates the painful process of harvesting stem cells from your fat cells or bone marrow
  • decreases pain and inflammation during treatment
  • increases range of motion following treatment
  • increases blood supply
  • stimulates, activates and recruits resident stem cells
  • accelerates wound healing
  • repairs, remodels and regenerates tissue
  • induces antibacterial effect
  • reduces/eliminates acute and chronic pain
  • triggers your brain to begin activating dormant stem cells
  • damaged or injured tissue to heal and grow
  • increases blood directly to injured tissue
  • modulates and reduces inflammation immediately
  • eliminates the need to harvest fetal stem cells for re-injection into your joints
  • eliminates the need to take stem cells from one area of your body (usually fat cells) and re-injecting them into your joints
  • there is no down time
  • there is no risk of infection from injection
  • Stem Cell injections cost 5-10k per injection. While SoftWave Therapy cost a fraction of what stem cell injections cost.

SoftWave®  up to 91% EFFECTIVE

NO injections • NO pills • NO surgery stem cell option FDA 510(k) Clearance

SoftWave is a safe, effective solution – and very affordable!

We find and address the root cause of your pain, and then begin to repair damaged tissues that cause pain, immobility and dysfunction. The SoftWave procedure activates your brains biological response that normally occurs when a body part becomes injured and triggers stem cells to go into action and promotes healing while reducing the crisis and chronic pain with your own body’s natural healing abilities. SoftWave is a clinically proven advanced stem cell option to regenerate damaged tissue and bone on bone conditions in the knee, hip and shoulder. As seen on the nationally popular “The Doctors” show, this drug-free treatment effectively activates your own resident stem cells, grows new blood vessels and connective tissue. This incredible technology helps you to avoid cortisone injections, pain meds and expensive risky surgeries. 

  • Treatment only takes 10 minutes  
  • FDA 510(k)-cleared medical device patented for the growth of peripheral nerves and the activation of connective tissue
  • A high-tech hand held applicator placed gently on your skin at the source of the pain (old or new injury – where degeneration is occurring), which delivers hydro-electric, low-intensity shock waves that are safe and effective 
  • The shock waves signal to the brain to release a biological response and a cascade of chemicals go to the site of treatment including Growth Factors and Cytokines 
  • New blood vessels grow and new connective tissue is regenerated healing the joint
  • An effective treatment plan will be put into place
  • No side effects during or after the procedure
  • Produces long-lasting results
  • Allows many to avoid unnecessary surgeries

Most importantly, the FDA has cleared our SoftWave 510(k) to:

  • Activate the growth of new connective tissue
  • Treat chronic diabetic foot ulcers
  • Treat acute second-degree burns
  • Improve blood supply


SoftWave (non-invasive, no-needle) vs. Stem Cell Injections

SoftWave is non-invasive; there are no needle injections into your body. Dr. Nathans uses the patented, 510K FDA-cleared SoftWave Stem Cell Machine to deliver high velocity, low-energy shock waves – like a lithotripsy procedure – through the skin and into muscle all the way into the joint activating and recruiting stem cells. The traditional invasive method, not used by Dr. Nathans, injects stem cells gathered from another part of your body or harvested from outside sources like the umbilical cord blood of a newborn fetus and then injects these cells back into your joint. Plus:

SoftWave is significantly less expensive than “harvesting” your body’s stem cells to inject them elsewhere

The “harvesting” of stem cells is very controversial.

This procedure is ethically not in agreement with our Mission.

SoftWave is cost-effective and typically costs around $1500 per joint vs. the more invasive injected option of stem cell therapy, which typically costs $5k-$10k per joint.

SoftWave therapy increases stem cell recruitment within 45 minutes of the first treatment, and the patient can go right back to their normal activities of daily living

SoftWave therapy is an excellent choice for acute and chronic soft tissue wound care, especially for advanced care related to diabetic wound treatments for foot or necrotic ulcerated wounds

Get Back Your Quality Of Life

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Chronic pain can severely limit your ability to enjoy life. Regenerative medicine can improve function and increase the quality of life. Since it’s a non-invasive, no-needle treatment, you can avoid conventional methods, such as:

Complicated, time-consuming, and often expensive surgeries by orthopedists, neurologists, and pain management physicians

Cortisone injections or nerve ablations (often unsuccessful)

Use of often dangerous medications

You may be a candidate for this safe and efficient therapy if you:

SUFFER from chronic joint pain?

90% of patients see an immediate improvement from SoftWave Therapy after the first treatment.

You DON’T want to do another CORTISONE INJECTION!

If you are DONE with Cortisone injections that are not FDA Approved and WILL DESTROY what healthy tissue you have left in your hurting joint.

WORRIED about the risks of surgery?

It is a safe and effective way to alleviate or manage pain and the worry about losing muscle mass, range of motion, or surgical complications.

Have you been dealing with the pain and you want to get well?

You don’t have to wait another day to start to feel better. Most of our patient have been told that they need a surgery to feel better. This is simply not true. SoftWave has saved thousands of people from having unnecessary surgeries.

Pick your own time or request one that works for you!

Think about it – why have unnecessary surgery if your body can be activated to heal itself?

– Dr. Alan Nathans

The results of SoftWave Therapy are receiving a lot of attention…