How We Help Our Patients Eliminate and Reduce Chronic Headaches

Without Popping Pain Pills or Other Strong Medications

Old Way

Most people have had headaches. It’s so easy to go to the store and get an over the counter pain pill to temporarily solve the problem. Now, this may be fine short term, but what if that headache keeps coming back? What if that headache, wasn’t coming from your head?

What if that headache was coming from your neck?

What a crazy idea…

Skeptical…? Good. Keep reading.

So why does this happen - think of the top 2 vertebrae if they’re in your neck as the beginning pathway leading from your brain to your body.

When that becomes misaligned - it can create a chain reaction of problems above and below.

New Way

The way we fix this is through an extensive examination of the 2 bones that wrap around and protect your brain stem - we get clarity on the misalignments that are causing the issue.

This special analysis shows us the misalignment and the exact adjustment on how to correct this.


By eliminating the interference in the upper neck you’ll likely be able to live life without chronic or debilitating headaches and not miss out on life’s important events and experiences.

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